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6.2. Writing CDs or DVDs

Fedora includes support for writing to CDs and DVDs. This means that you can permanently burn files to CDs or DVDs for backup, file transport, or any other reason.

Required hardware

Not all optical drives (CD or DVD drives) are equipped to burn new media. An easy way to check whether that you can burn optical media is to look at the front of your disc drive. It should indicate the drive's capabilities. You can also look up the model of your drive on line. An even easier way is to simply try burning a disc; chances are, if you cannot select the option for burning discs, it is not a problem with Fedora; your drive simply does not support this operation.

6.2.1. Using CD/DVD Creator to burn media in GNOME

To open CD/DVD Creator
To open CD/DVD Creator, select Applications System Tools CD/DVD Creator. The help manual can be accessed by pressing the F1 key or clicking Help Contents on the top menu bar.
To create a data disc:
  1. Drag the files and folders that you want to write to CD or DVD to the CD/DVD Creator folder.
  2. Insert a writeable CD or DVD into your writer device. Doing this step first usually opens the CD/DVD Creator automatically or prompt you to choose an application. If not, you can configure the CD/DVD Creator to open automatically by going to any Nautilus window and selecting Edit Preferences and on the Media tab select what applications should start with each media type. Also be sure that the Browse media when inserted box is checked.
  3. Click the Write to Disc button, or choose File Write to CD/DVD.
    Here you can choose write to your CD or DVD, or to a File Image. An image file (ISO) is a normal file that will be saved to your computer and you can write to a CD later.
    If you are copying regular data you can type a name for your CD or DVD in the Disc name window and select a write speed from the drop-down under Write Options. You will also see the size of your data that will be written to the disc.
  4. Press the Write button to burn your data to the CD or DVD.
To burn an image file
To write a disc image to a CD or DVD, right-click the disc image file, then choose Write to disk... from the menu to burn the image using CD/DVD Creator. When you burn a a disc image, you cannot choose the disc name or write speed.
To make a copy of a CD or DVD
  1. Insert the disc you want to copy.
  2. Right-click on the CD icon, and choose Copy Disc.
  3. Follow the Write to Disc dialogue as above. If you have only one optical drive, the program will first create a file on your computer. CD/DVD Creator will eject the original disk, and ask you to change it for a blank disk on which to burn.