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13.6. Totem Movie Player

Totem Movie Player plays DVDs, CDs, and VCDs.

13.6.1. Using Totem Movie Player

  • To open an audio or video, file, select MovieOpen Select the file you want and click the Add button. You can also drag a file in to the Totem Movie Player window. If Totem Movie Player displays error messages when you try to play a file, refer to the information about codecs at
  • Click MovieOpen Location to open a file by URL location.
  • MoviePlay Disc will play a DVD, VCD, or CD.
  • MovieEject will eject the disc.
  • Under the Eject option is the Playlist.
  • MoviePlay and MoviePause will play or pause the disc.
  • Choosing MovieProperties opens the sidebar which displays the properties of the file.
  • From the Edit menu you can Take a Screenshot or Create a Screenshot Gallery, turn the Repeat Mode or Shuffle Mode on or off, Clear the playlist, configure Plugins and set Preferences.
  • View allows you to go to Fullscreen, Fit Window to Movie, set the Aspect Ratio, Switch Angles, Show Controls, Subtitles, and show, or hide, the Sidebar.
  • Go will let you go to the DVD, Title, Audio, Angle and Chapter menus, the Next Chapter or Movie the Previous Chapter or Movie, Skip to a track, and Skip Forward or Backwards.
  • The Sound drop-down menu lets you change Language and turn the Volume Up or Down.
  • You can open the manual by selecting HelpContents or pressing the F1 key.
For more information visit the Totem Movie Player website at